I know your life would be a lot more interesting and rewarding if you could just be a little more fearless in your everyday life. Staying in your comfort zone can be detrimental to the quality of your life. 

How so Cat? I swear I can hear you ask this 🙂

I have helped many people over the years become more fearless in their life and all of them are much happier for it. They are all more successful for it and they definitely have the things they wanted.

All by being a little bit more fearless in their life.

Using my methods, I have helped people get the job they’ve always wanted, start their own business, win money, have their dream home, dream holiday, find the one, get back their ex, finish with that same ex later on, usually as they then realise they want someone who will treat them much better and they are fearless in this pursuit.

Using a bit of fearlessness, there is not much you can’t actually achieve! 

You don’t have to just wish you were more fearless, you can be more fearless. There is a fearless person lurking inside of you!

So, here are my top ten tips for becoming more fearless;

  1. Avoid worrying what other people will think of you. Unless you can find a way to put yourself into the history books, it won’t be too long until there’s no-one left that remembers you. And people will always talk about someone. So, what’s the worst that can come from other people’s judgements? Write it down and ask yourself, “can you live with the worst of what other people will think and say?” If you can’t, go to www.facebook.com/catmuircoaching/ and watch my video on my way of EFT. Do that and you will feel better about it all.

  2. Ask yourself, “What’s the worst that can happen?” Unless you’re in danger of falling to your death or losing a limb right then and there, there probably isn’t too much to worry about. When you’re feeling fearful, figure out the worst possible outcome. If you can live with that, then there’s really nothing to worry about. Most stuff, we tend to make bigger in our minds somehow and when we write it down on paper it just seems simpler. Not everything, I know but it’s surprising how many clients feel better just by these first two steps. If not, again check out www.facebook.com/catmuircoaching/ and watch my video on my way of EFT.

  3. Deal with smaller stressors and fears at first. I find the key to managing big fears is to deal with the smaller ones first. It’s like a warm up for your mind. Deal with the little fears you have one at a time, then your mind will become accustomed to your new patterns of thought and action. Plus, the skill and confidence you gain by overcoming the smaller fears will help give you the ability to dominate larger ones.

  4. Learn to relax. The best way to overcome a fear reaction is to relax you mind.  You can train yourself with some simple techniques to relax when you first feel fear. I know it sounds crazy!! But it really does help. I have been doing this for over twenty years now and it really does work! There are different things to do, one of which is my version of EFT, and again you can watch it on my facebook page. There are many other ways I teach my clients to do in my workshops, seminars and in private sessions where it’s really easy to learn to relax your mind, muscles, thoughts, and breathe deeply. Again, when you are first starting out, practice with the smaller upsets first.

  5. Play the odds. How many of your fears actually come true? Some studies suggest the number is about 20%. So, that means there’s an 80% chance your fears won’t actually come true. As before, write it down and assess to see if you can deal with the worst possible outcome, and remember even then, there’s only a 20% chance it will even happen, so, that should help you realise you have very little to worry about. And breath…lol

  6. Realize that fear mostly only happens in your imagination. Its your thoughts that create them. Unless there is a lion or some immediate threat in front of you, it’s not real! You might be afraid of snakes, but your friend isn’t. You might be afraid of heights, but your sister finds them exhilarating. In most instances, you are the source of your fear. The only fear we are programed to have is the fear of sudden loud noises. Everything else is learned behavior. Which is great news because that means you can unlearn it too!

  7. Focus on the positive possibilities. Rather than thinking about every little thing that might go wrong, consider what might go right. Allow yourself to feel excited about the possibilities. Imagine how much more exciting your life would be if you give yourself the chance to have something amazing happen each day!

  8. View fear as an obstacle. Think of your fear as an obstacle such as hurdles. We’ve all seen the sportsperson run up really fast and simply leap over the hurdle in one beautiful sweep but what you probably didn’t see was when they first started training. My son did a mix of sports in a class a few years ago. Hurdles was one of the sports. The teacher brought out a tiny hurdle and got the kids to run and jump over it. It was quite funny as the kids, all aged about 6 years old, would run up to it and stop and then jump over it.  They all did the same thing because they had to program their mind and body what was going to happen. Once they were used to it, they didn’t have to stop, they could just jump. See if you can get yourself to take an action that makes you afraid when you think about doing it. Look at it as if it’s the little hurdle that you have to stop first and then jump over. Because with practice, and I’m sure deep down you know this is true, you will be beautifully gliding over any fears you might have.

  9. Do The opposite! If you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you’ve always got! I often tell clients, if what they have been doing up until now hasn’t been working for them, do the opposite. That usually produces a fun change to watch and it happens very quickly. You don’t have to take my word for it, just give it a go and see.

  10. Take a standup comedy or an acting class. I wanted to become more fearless and push myself out of my comfort zone a good few years ago so I did a class in standup and it was awesome! It’s terifying but it’s a really good laugh with many supportive people and you get a free drink from the comedy club! Performance of any kind will absolutely push you out of your comfort zone and it’s really good to do that every now and again.

Hopefully this has been helpful for you to start to experience a more fearless life and lead to a richer and more rewarding journey. Remember, most of your fears are manufactured inside your head. They are not always real or the truth. You can let them go and be bold.

Start today by doing a little something that pushes you out of your comfort zone just a little bit. It won’t be long until you start doing something you’ve always wanted to do but didn’t quite have enough courage. 

Just relax and do it. Show yourself that there’s nothing to fear.

Lots of love as always

Cat xx