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Nov 7, 2019
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**The start date is Thursday the 7th November**
You can do it from the comfort of your home. No need to travel and stay in a hotel. Your smart phone, laptop or computer will do!

‘Awaken your spiritual self’ by me, Cat Muir

This 6 week online course is to help you become more spiritual in your very being and knowing.
So what exactly does that mean?
The world needs you to be the person you were meant to be!
We can all play small in some part of our life.
The best way to help and encourage others to do better in life is to shine your light the brightest you can. It then becomes a beacon for others to follow.
There is so much darkness in the world because most of the time we all play it small in one way or another. We learn to do this as children to fit in and be liked as best we can. I did this for a while too, then I decided to shine
Most of us at an early age, usually under 10 years old, tend to find that if we are good at something or if we be not good at things, it doesn’t always have the effect we desire from others.
This can cause us to lose our way in life and forget who we are and what we are meant to be. We can deny what makes us special.
One of the ways I help people, is to help them get started on their spiritual journey. In this online course, you can find your way to create happiness, money, a good career and better health.
This online course will help you rediscover those lost pieces of you.
It doesn’t matter what you have done with your life so far, you are reading this for a reason and the reason is you are now ready to change. This course will make things clearer and easier for that change to happen.
Everything that has happened to you so far has made you who you are.
Everything you believe right now keeps you in the place you are.
Where you are with your money, health, relationships and career. It’s all a product of what you believe.
To make real change in your life you need to change at the level of your belief.
I can guarantee you that, at the very least, you will feel better at the end of this 6-week course. How do I know this? Because if you do the work, you just can’t help but change. And the change you’ll make won’t be scary, it will be in the energy of love and kindness.

In this course you will learn:

1. How to connect to your intuition.
2. What you are here to do.
3. What makes you happy.
4. How to increase your money.
5. How to connect to your Akashic Records.
6. How to find and obliterate your obstacles and blocks.

Week 1

We will look at how to powerfully find your connection to your intuition.
This is such an important gift to give to yourself. My life changed overnight when I found my way back into my intuition. When you are tapped into your intuition you can make great decisions about everything that effects your life and the people you care about.

Week 2

We are going to get you ready to go into your Akashic records. We will clear the pathway that stops most people from visiting the records and explain what you can expect to see, hear and feel

Week 3

We will focus on visiting your records, finding some of your obstacles and blocks and rewriting them.

Week 4

What gets in the way of your happiness? We will work on this part of your story and clear your stuff in the way of your happy ending.

Week 5

Working on your money story. This part is going to work out all your obstacles in the way of you getting to your money and what you have been doing to stop the flow.

Week 6

We are going to take this time to really shift out of the way you have been up until now and move into the life you really want. You will get clear on what your purpose is and how to increase your money by doing the things you love.

Bonus Content

This is the first course of its kind and because of this it’s an amazing price. The next time I open up this course the price will have gone up.
It’s hours of training and healing with me in a really supportive group setting.
Also, if you book before the end of oct you will receive these free bonuses;
Bonus 1. One free one to one session at the end of the 6-week course with me.
Bonus 2. All the recordings will be available to you for life.
Bonus 3. Private Facebook group to help each other to keep going with support.
Bonus 4. I’m going to teach you how to connect to your powerful subconscious exactly the way I do with clients in an extra week 7 call.
When I think about purchasing anything I always ask myself will this work and will I be happy that I have taken part in it?
There are only 2 further questions you need to ask yourself;
1. Am I ready to change right now?
If you are ready to change, really ready to make that change in your life to improve your finance, your relationships, your health, your happiness and your career, this is the course to do.
If you do the things you are shown how to do in my teachings your life will change! Einstein said, “the definition of insanity was keeping doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result.” Here in Scotland we say, “If you always do what you’ve always dun, you’ll always get what you’ve always got!” If you are fed up with what you’ve always got, this is the change you need
2. Will this course really help me to do that?
We always have an inner knowing. You will learn more about this on the course but when you say your name, there is no doubt that is your name.
If you say your name you feel it in your body that that is your name.
Why not ask yourself if you do this course with me, will it make your life change and just feel it in your body.
If you know it will and you are ready to change, as Nike say – Just do it!!