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When I first trained in hypnosis, it was over twenty years ago and it was only hypnosis.

I got great results. It was the first time I learned to talk to the sub-conscious and make changes.

I always used to wonder why people did what they did when I was young, and growing up that didn’t change.

I also wondered why I did what I did and hypnosis was the first step into finding answers for me.

I trained in hypnosis initially to help people get thinner and healthier. I used to have a gym and people would come in and train and workout really hard, then go home and eat a cheesecake or have a bottle of wine.

They would cry when they were telling me about how weak they were.

I knew there was something else at play. I found out there was! Their mind, the sub-conscious to be exact. It had a whole other agenda. It works from learned behaviour and years of habit. It’s not going to just change now because you tell it to! You have to go in a fix the ‘bugs’.

Hypnosis is a great way to do that. Most people don’t realise they go into hypnosis every day. When you read a book, drive a car or play a video game. Have you ever driven somewhere and not remembered how you got there? It’s called hypnotic driving!

So if you don’t think you can be hypnotised, you can! It’s a great starting point to learn the basics of hypnosis and goes really well with NLP basics.

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