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Hi everyone.

My name’s Cat Muir from

And I’d just like to start off by saying a massive thank you for stopping by and purchasing this online workshop and Introduction to The Law of Attraction. You’ll get the most from it if you download the workbook first and use that as your companion as you go through. (Register for the course to access the workbook.)

There is a fair bit of writing to do but by doing that you’ll be able to pull out all these old stagnant beliefs that you’ve had in your head that are getting in the way of you manifesting your desires. I really love to hear how people get on.

So please contact me through my Facebook Group Cat Muir Coaching or through my website I’ll place the links below this video and all the best in your manifestations.

I’m Cat Muir from Take care. Bye.

Section 1Just what is the Law of Attraction?
Section 2Let's measure the areas of your life.
Section 3Where do our beliefs come from?
Section 4You are the sum total of your five closest friends.
Section 5Thoughts, actions and feelings.
Section 6Forgiveness is key.
Section 7Shift your beliefs, transform your world.
Section 8You're worth it!