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Ever wondered why some people are really lucky and others not so much?

I always used to wonder why bad things happened to good people and good things happened to bad people.

I would find myself going on many courses and asking many ‘gurus’ this question but I could never get an answer that made sense to me.

Then, after many years of working with people and experimenting on myself, I finally worked out the answers to my questions.

I came to realise that we create the blocks and obstacles that are just really an invisible ‘glass house’ of beliefs and these beliefs simply get in our way and stop us manifesting the things we want.

In very simple terms, all we really need to do is to remove them and then things just seem to go our way.

Almost magically things can change overnight. This is when people say things to us like, ‘You are so lucky’, ‘Things like that never seem to happen to me’, I would love to do that, be that or have that’. ‘You are the type of person who always comes up smelling of roses!’

You may have heard some of these things being said, or said some of these things to people you know.

The people these sayings were invented for are people in tune with the Law Of Attraction.

Whether you believe in this or not, the Law Of Attraction is always working. If you decide one day not to believe in Gravity, you don’t just fly off to the moon, do you? It’s the same with the Law Of Attraction. It’s around us all the time, in the same way we breath air or the way or heart just pumps blood around our body without us having to think about or tell it to do that.

This workshop, The Law Of Attraction on it’s head, is my course based on things that worked for me and other people I’ve worked with. It’s my spin on it and it’s very easy to pick up and use.

It’s a course that really helps you to understand the fundamentals of how to purposefully attract the things we want by getting rid of the things that block us from them.

In this course you will learn:
1. How and when you’ve created your own set of personal blocks and obstacles.
2. What your blocks and obstacles are.
3. How to find these blocks and obstacles that are in the way of you getting what you want to be, do or have.
4. And, most importantly, how to effectively remove them.

The Law Of Attraction is always working around us and this course is a fantastic way to understand it and go with the flow of it instead of against it.

This is my spin on the Law of Attraction. This is my experience of it and what’s worked for me and for the people that I work with.

The principles you will learn on this course are very simple but at the same time extremely effective and easy to do yourself and by yourself.

Section 1The Law of Attraction on Its Head
Lecture 1Day 1 - Module 1
Lecture 2Day 1 - Module 2
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Lecture 4Day 1 - Module 4
Lecture 5Day 1 - Module 5
Lecture 6Day 1 - Module 5 Discussion
Lecture 7Day 1 - Module 6
Lecture 8Day 1 - Module 7
Lecture 9Day 1 - Module 8