Your brain is like a super computer or the black box in an airplane.


It stores everything that’s ever happened to you whether you can remember it or not


and it’s directing your entire life because of the things, good or bad


that happened when you were mostly younger that ten years old.


Ever heard people being described as ‘childish’?


That’s because they are acting out from a trigger of feelings from something that happened when they were young.


Sometimes its something that happened to them,


such as a fear of swimming because a friend or sibling thought it would be funny to push them in the pool


or it could be a fear of spiders because mum was scared of them


and as a child, if you see, hear and feel that fear coming from someone who takes care of you,


the obvious conclusion is to stay away from the thing


that frightened the bejingles out of your caretaker!


Fear becomes your new way of life then, when presented with spiders,


swimming pools, rats, mice, heights, needles, money, exams or anything else


– and there are so many more!


There are hundreds of fears and phobias that don’t always make sense,


even to the person who feels the fear but it is very real to them.


Fears and phobias, anxiety, and panic attacks,

are the fast sessions.


They can be carried out over the internet or in person and usually only take 30 mins.


If you feel the time has come to change, get in touch.


I offer a free, no obligation 15 minute telephone call to find out if it will be the right fit, so why wait?


Don’t you want to get started enjoying the rest of your life and living to your full potential?


to find out what can be done about your fear or phobia.


If you want to clear away your blocks or simply find out what they are


and formulate a plan for your new way of life it tends to be a longer session.


If you have a few things going on, and we sometimes do, a longer program can be more helpful.


We have a choice of a single session, eight weeks, three months, six months and one year long programs.